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Perception - Alaric Albertsson


Alaric Albertsson

Cosmic Egg Books

ISBN-10: 1782792619

ISBN-13: 978-1782792611

8 out of 10


I have to admit that normally I am not a huge fan of “alien invasion” type novels, but I found that Mr. Albertsson was an amazing author when I read and reviewed his first (nonfiction) book, and was more than willing to give this one a try. I’m glad I did—the book has a great plot and, at the least for me, had really good characterization. I found myself deeply involved in what was happening to each character and actually caring about how events unfolded around them.


Dena Anderson is a wonderful main character—she is a strong woman, and I appreciate that, as far too often women become secondary, weaker characters that are more part of the background than part of the driving force of the plot. The aliens have destroyed the world we know; seeing not just the how humanity will rebuild but IF we will be able to do so, reaching beyond what we are to what we need to become, is handled quite well. I’m personally hoping for a sequel… if not a few more books in the series; there are some loose ends and ideas left to explore and I will be there, eagerly waiting to get back into this universe.