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If it has pages, I will try to read it. Admittedly, I will not always succeed, as some books honestly do not deserve to be printed, not to mention finished. After reading them, I like telling people about books-- whether to avoid them or seek them out... and so it goes...

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Needled to Death - Maggie Sefton Book two in the ‘Knitting Mystery’ series, and in this one, Kelly is settled down, living in her late Aunt Helen’s house, telecommuting and indulging in what reads a bit like a massive yarn fetish while still struggling with her knitting. No, really; it’s actually distracting—every time the character ends up in the knitting shop there are loving paragraphs about ‘sinking fingers into lush color’ or ‘lovingly touching skein after skein’ to the point where it’s getting damn annoying—I get it, pretty yarn is pretty and if you like it, you ache unceasingly to plunge your fingers into heaps of it. Get over it, and stop interrupting a semi good plot, please.

The plot, BTW, deals with the murder of a weaver, illicit alpaca breeding, and seething jealousy between one time friends and lovers. I actually DO like these books, but there are enough small things that keep throwing you OUT of the story when reading that might make me stop reading them soon.