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The Prince of Ill Luck - Susan Dexter If you’re read Susan Dexter in the past, you’ll understand when I say that the hero here is yet another wooby in heroic clothing. She is a master at writing men who are nearly overly sensitive and bumbling incompetents in so many things, and yet caring, loving, and the one gift (whether magical or otherwise) they have being almost frighteningly powerful, but you never think they are not hetero men who will love their chosen woman forever, even if she is a raging bitch, which, by the way, the heroine of this story happens to be… in spades. Our hero is born to a royal family who is delighted by this until they see he has a blue eye and a brown eye and since they realize, as all morons do, that this must herald him being evil, the father tries to hack off the babe’s head. As suspected, since he DOES grow to be the hero of the book, the babe lives, and the scar he bears, a crescent mark, destines him for the priesthood … except ill luck seems to follow him wherever he goes. Yes, it really might just be happenstance, and the fact that since he KNOWS he is cursed, he does stupid thing after stupid thing, and refuses to watch his own damn two feet so that he is always tripping, falling and giving himself dire injuries… but no, it’s the fact he is cursed you see. On the day he is to be made a full acolyte, an earthquake destroys the temple… he is exiled for this, as he’s managed to convince an entire ISLAND of people he is cursed finally. And then the boat he is in… wait for it… sinks.

He ends up on Estragon, where the Duke, obsessed with having his favorite mare bred, seeks the aid of a wizard, and she is bred to the wind, dropping a male foal before the wind takes her away. The same Duke, not yet realizing that maybe it’s not a good thing to muck with magic, woos a Witch, and SHE leaves him a daughter before vanishing. The Duke, STILL not being the brightest tool in the shed, raises his daughter to be his heir, but letting her be a sniping spoiled bitch who is always right, and then when she might need him most, the Duke packs up and goes off hunting a chimera, sure it means his wife, the Witch can be found again. Thing that was confusing? It gets worse—his leaving leads to a REALLY convoluted plot where not only do the cursed Prince and the Duke’s daughter meet up, but they go off to find her father and mother—the Prince hoping the Witch can remove his curse. Enter then page after page of the snotty girl tormenting the patient and rather annoying Prince, some magical and non magical fighting, and discoveries, revelations and of course, the inevitable love but in the end, the only character you continually LIKE is that Wind Sired Foal, now grown up into a sentient and semi magical stallion named Valadan. This isn’t a BAD book, but you really want the snotty daughter to get a comeuppance… and she never DOES get it. We never really get a good story, either. And yet, there are two more books to go…