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Frill Kill - Laura Childs Another in the series, but this one seemed to just be "going through the motions"; nothing new really happened to any of the characters, and even more disappointing is how Carmela is still refusing to divorce her husband. At every opportunity she whines about how Shamus is a cheating sneak, and his family are all vipers but boy howdy, must be SOMETHING to the man as she refuses to even THINK about getting a lawyer-- and honestly I'm starting to feel like it is Carmela realizing she will get near to nothing from his fortune. Why else STAY with a man you cannot stand to be near, whose habit of cheating and drinking to excess makes you incensed, and whose whole family makes you want to vomit? Believe it or not, this ruins the rest of the book, as it comes up at every turn.

I'm thinking it is time to put the series down, at least until I hear she finally DOES get the divorce; otherwise it will just annoy me far too much.