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Princess of the Sword - Lynn Kurland This is the final book in the series, and while I did enjoy it, there were problems. The characters were still amusing, and interesting, and had well invented pasts, but I disliked how whiny Morgan became about her upcoming need to shut her father's well, and I *really* disliked how Micah was now nearly Superman -- he knew nearly any spell of any type of magic that might be needed, he was always brave, he was unfailingly loving... oh, and he survives on nearly no sleep and never gets angry as well as managing to always remain handsome.

It all seemed to end too easily, as if all the build up on how terrible it all would be to capture the evil doer Lothar and cap the well oozing magical evil was for nothing when they did it without barely getting a hair out of place. People died, but after some minor "Oh, I just got to KNOW him" and in one case, not even that, life went on. No mourning, save one state funeral that everyone was happy to joke and laugh during.

All in all, this felt like a book written just to tie up the ends quickly, make everyone live happily ever after, and end the trilogy. I enjoyed the ride, but felt let down at the same time.