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If it has pages, I will try to read it. Admittedly, I will not always succeed, as some books honestly do not deserve to be printed, not to mention finished. After reading them, I like telling people about books-- whether to avoid them or seek them out... and so it goes...

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A Deadly Yarn - Maggie Sefton Book three in this author’s knitting mystery series and it is a VAST improvement over the last one. Our heroine is no longer indulging in page after page of yarn fondling, the plot moves briskly, the side characters are trying less often to take over the plot and run it off the rails and the mystery is even a good one. The conceit of a cozy series, in that the heroine seems to always find bodies of friends and those who are close to her best friends and family is a flawed one by its very nature—the police would lock up the hero/heroine after body number 4, I’ve always thought, but at least THIS set up was well done, and the solution well put together, introducing some new side characters I really hope we see again!