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If it has pages, I will try to read it. Admittedly, I will not always succeed, as some books honestly do not deserve to be printed, not to mention finished. After reading them, I like telling people about books-- whether to avoid them or seek them out... and so it goes...

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Empress: A Novel
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Dragonlord of Mystara: Book 1 (The Dragonlord Chronicles) - Thorarinn Gunnarsson Here is the plot of this book: Cliché cliché cliché cliché… orphaned child born under odd omen from mysterious mother and raised by a village of a race that will never understand him/her but is kindly nevertheless save for ONE other in the village who is a man from another land living there and will take child under wing once he/she gains their good wholesome grounding by good, wholesome race that will never understand the child. Cliché cliché, insert improbably plot that will be some sort of prophesy that points to the child being the solution to the universe’s problems but which no one save the person reading will guess IS the child… cliché cliché, child makes incredible allies, reveals incredible power and BOOM saves the day… or has he/she? Tune in next book to find out… um —no thanks.