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If it has pages, I will try to read it. Admittedly, I will not always succeed, as some books honestly do not deserve to be printed, not to mention finished. After reading them, I like telling people about books-- whether to avoid them or seek them out... and so it goes...

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Memory of Fire - Holly Lisle The start of a rather good fantasy series— there are ‘gates” that lead from universe to universe, and those who keep the gates protect each universe from stray bits of magic, monsters, etc. Some universes are “lower” than our own, wherein we would be gods should we be seen or interact with the individuals on that world. Conversely, there are also universes where the inhabitants there would be gods to us. The Gatekeepers make sure that the gates are kept protected, and closed… but evil rarely accepts rules that would stifle it and when an imbalance occurs between another world and our own, it may mean disaster for both worlds.

The comparison between both worlds was wonderful, as was the description of how magic works and why on both our own world and there. The characters, both good and evil were engaging and I am eager to start the next book in the trilogy.