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If it has pages, I will try to read it. Admittedly, I will not always succeed, as some books honestly do not deserve to be printed, not to mention finished. After reading them, I like telling people about books-- whether to avoid them or seek them out... and so it goes...

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Prince of Fire - Linda Winstead Jones And now we have book two of the second trilogy by the author, and I'm starting to get a little tired of it all. The female characters really are starting to be one and the same-- superpowerful but for some reason unable to USE their power against the big bad who really needs a snidely whiplash mustache to twirl as he sucks the blood and soul out of innocent women before dropping them at his feet.

Each book deals with yet another child from the three sisters of the first trilogy, and how they find their One True Love despite Great Evil in the Land and their Need to Vanquish it. One trilogy was really good-- this one is trailing off into serious meh.