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Midnight Moon - Lori Handeland Yes, this is yet another Night Creatures novel, and it really shows a change in both writing style and in the general set up of the series. No longer are we really concerned solely with the Jager Suchers, but instead with paranormal creatures and their defeat by the hands of powerful men and women who happen to fall in love and have way way WAY too much sex all over the place. I will say I really enjoyed the plot—set in Hati, with a voodouin priestess searching for a master to teach her how to raise the dead in a way that will let them retain the life that had before for reasons she will tell no one. Yes, she is working, indirectly for the Jager Suchers, but the plot is all about her, her powers, the man she is attracted to, and all the crap that they go through. Oh and sex. Did I mention sex? Because there is LOTS of it. SEX SEX SEX. When they’re not doing it, they are thinking about doing it, or wondering why they want to do it with each other all the time. The ending was a bit of a “meh” as well, adding something that was totally not necessary and something that cheapened it all a wee bit. Not the sex, the plot. The sex remains constant.